Managed Review & Legal Staffing

Our Team is Your Team

TLS employs a global team of experts capable of completing
the most demanding reviews anywhere in the world.

Near-impossible timeline? No problem.

Materials in another language? Easy.

Technical subject matter? We can do it.


Review Centers and Facilities

TLS maintains top-of-the-line review centers in most major cities in the US, and internationally as well. These secure facilities seat as many as 50 people and are available to all TLS clients pending schedule availability. With offices in over 85 cities on 6 continents, TLS has an unsurpassed network that ties clients in to vast global resources for review space in virtually any location in the world.

Wherever you need to conduct your review, TLS is there.

New York, NY - Somerset, NJ - Newark, NJ - Philadelphia, PA - Washington, DC
Reston, VA - San Francisco, CA - Chicago, IL - Dallas, TX
London - Shanghai - Hong Kong - Pune


Review Capabilities

Accelerated Review

We understand that even well-constructed plans do not always account for a last-minute requirement. When time is short, TLS has a proven track record of delivering on even the most aggressive timelines. Whether the engagement calls for a rush review at your site or ours, TLS can deploy top-quality review teams with very little notice.

Hosted Review

Utilizing our extensive experience in processing and hosting large amounts of documentation in any language, TLS helps to ensure a comprehensive and efficient review. We provide a secure web interface, leading hosting solutions (including Relativity), and project management resources that are intimately familiar with project requirements. Reviews can be conducted on-site or remotely at the client’s preference.

TLS Facility Review

TLS document review facilities are located in major cities around the world so that we can take on the administrative burden of housing and managing review teams in secure spaces. TLS is dedicated to document review assignments and provides state-of-the-art equipment and technical support.

In-Country Review

Geographic logistics, international law, or cost restrictions may dictate that the only feasible location to conduct a review is in-country and on-site where the data is located. With TLS’s international presence, our ability to staff reviews in-country is second-to-none. For engagements with a language requirement, TLS has the benefit of drawing from the world’s most stringently tested pool of language professionals to help with your challenging overseas review.


At TLS, our philosophy is to provide the perfect amount of resources to meet your need—no more, no less. When requirements change, we have the scalability to change with you and match your needs step for step. Ramping up existing teams on projects takes little more than a phone call or email, and we’ll have additional resources up and running quickly—at your facility or at ours.

Multilingual Review

When a review engagement has a multilingual requirement, TLS is the ideal partner to deliver what you need. Whether it’s a managed review in Japanese, an on-site team of 10 in Beijing, or an on-site review of a multilingual document set in New York, TLS has the qualified linguistic resources to handle even the most complex requirements. Hybrid teams of linguists, paralegals, JDs, licensed attorneys, and project managers collaborate to ensure that your multilingual review meets the quality and readiness of any project despite language requirements.


Project Management

Adminastrative Project Managers


Substantive Project Managers


We aim to deliver the perfect temporary or permanent candidates to suit your organization's legal staffing needs. Whether managing a confidential legal project, efficiently handling peak workloads, or recruiting a permanent placement, TLS Legal Staffing can furnish talented legal professionals and specialists for any field and across all levels, including:

  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Coders
  • Project Managers
  • Translators
  • Managing Clerks
  • Scanners
  • Litigation Support
  • Compliance Professionals

Additionally, we can provide the experienced and expert legal staff you require in any practice areas.