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Investigations: Will They Ever Be the Same Again? The View of the Horizon from In-House

The COVID-19 crisis has forced businesses to adapt to new challenges with an obvious and direct impact on how investigations are conducted. This webinar discussed some key factors for consideration when conducting remote investigations.

Date 07/3/20

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Driving Strategic Change: General Counsel in Pharma

Driving Strategic Change: General Counsel in Pharma TransPerfect Legal Solutions hosted a panel of GCs and legal experts from prominent pharmaceutical companies to discuss their evolving roles and the practical ways legal departments are driving innovation as it relates to people, risk, and data in the pharma industry.

Date 06/12/20

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Remote Depositions: Best Practices

This discussion takes the audience through the ups and downs that our panel of experts have faced in the past two months while conducting entirely remote depositions

Date 05/28/20

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E-Discovery and Ethical Duties of Competence, Supervision, and Confidentiality

Courts and bar associations across the country have recognized that in order to satisfy the ethical duty of competence, supervision, and confidentiality, attorneys involved in litigation must have a sufficient understanding of legal technology—in particular, the recurring issues that arise in electronic discovery.

Date 05/18/20

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The English Disclosure Pilot

Updated Guidance on Data Sources and Strategies for Section 2 of the Disclosure Review Document

Date 04/29/20

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Best Practices in Multi-Language E-Discovery

In today’s globalized business environment, collections of electronically stored information increasingly include non-English data. Traditional e-discovery technologies fail to comprehensively manage multi-language data sets, resulting in missed documents, delays, and excessive price tags. Our panel of experts discuss how advanced technology—including natural language processing and neural machine translation—can be integrated into an e-discovery workflow from processing through review and production across the entire EDRM. This webinar aims to help lawyers mitigate the risk of missing vital information, while increasing time and cost efficiency.

Date 04/24/20

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Remotely Managed Review

During this webinar, we provide an overview of running a successful managed review with remote review professionals. The panelists dive into measures taken during the recruiting and project management stages that help set up your review for success. The focus of this discussion is on additional factors to screen and recruit candidates, as well as steps to take in order to maintain the security, quality, and productivity of your review from start to finish.

Date 04/10/20

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Conducting Remote Depositions

The workflow and experience of conducting a remote deposition. Also includes a mock deposition.

Date 04/02/20

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Discovery in a Disappearing World

Contemporary Approaches to Mobile Devices, Ephemeral Messaging, and Cloud Sources

Date 03/26/20

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Past Webinars Archive

Managing International Filing Costs

Date 03/14/12

Speaker: Tom Quinn
Founder, ITIP ProFiciency


Participating in Non-Profit Organizations

Date 06/01/10

Speaker: Martha Sullivan
Thornton Marketing


Networking in the Legal World

Date 05/18/10

Speaker: Martha Sullivan
Thornton Marketing


Legal Business Development Fundamentals

Date 05/04/10

Speaker: Martha Sullivan
Thornton Marketing


Biotechs and Best Practices in Global Patent Filing

Date 01/21/10

Speaker: Lee Caffin
Duncan Bucknell


International Data Security

Date 09/29/09

Rafi Azim-Khan & Sanjay Mullick
Pillsbury Law


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