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Understand the speed, scale, and scope of the discovery management challenges you face by partnering with our experienced litigators and digital forensic specialists. The TLS team of experts designs customized workflows and provides visibility into the discovery process to help you control spend, steer litigation, and navigate potential risks.

Empower & Protect

Your Global Discovery Strategy

Take control of the discovery process with one specialized vendor that you can trust to manage all of your support needs.

  • Maintain operational efficiency
  • Understand new regulations
  • Manage data security
  • Implement defensible processes
  • Maximize the effectiveness of outside counsel
  • Forecast and control total costs

At TLS, we keep a close eye on your spend and security to mitigate risk and protect both you and your data.

  • We track and analyze review behavior, identifying opportunities to use technology tools that save time, reduce costs, and improve workflows.

  • We develop information governance strategies and defensibility for your preservation practices by detecting high-risk data in the litigation readiness stage.

  • We manage your data in a centralized repository while working directly with custodians to eliminate extra charges and minimize interruptions.

  • We can even handle data in multiple languages, sourcing review teams with global capabilities.

For us, discovery management is a global undertaking—with offices in over 100 cities worldwide, we're available anytime and anywhere.

Leading Tools
& Technology



Risk Mitigation & Reporting

Digital Reef meets the best-known standards for an information security management system.

  • SSAE 16 SOC 2 Information Management System
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified

TLS monitors and tracks all activities involved with managing your data.

  • Personnel & System Usage
  • Training & Certifications
  • Security Reports & Data Movement

Scalability & Functionality

Capable of processing up to 17 TB per day, Digital Reef is the industry's most powerful and versatile e-discovery and ECA tool.

Dedicated Industry Experts

Project Management & Global Coverage

Certified project managers guide and oversee projects from ingestion to production, and our trained professionals operate Digital Reef from all around the world.

Why TLS?

  • Legal Expert & Consultants
  • Over 100 Global Locations
  • Services in 170+ Languages
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • Unmatched Technology Solutions

Our mission is to earn the trust of our clients by providing dependable, predictable, and exceptional legal support services—anywhere in the world.

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