Deposition & Trial Support

On Time. Any Time. Every Time.

The TLS Deposition Support and Court Reporting group was built to provide world-class services and solutions to our clients. To that end, we maintain an elite staff of expert court reporters and case management specialists who are versed in handling complex litigations, specific subject matters, and all types of legal proceedings.

Unlike many agencies that work through intermediaries, TLS corresponds directly with every court reporter we use, allowing us to instantly check availability, relay client requests, and monitor deliveries. Our reporters and production staff are keenly aware of our high expectations for excellence in punctuality, demeanor, accuracy, and speed, both on-site and in final transcript deliveries.

TLS Video Link, our own secure video-teleconference software, allows you to connect with up to 25 parties anywhere in the world. Participants can access a TLS Video Link meeting from virtually any device that has a stable internet connection, including mobile devices, tablets, and existing conference room video systems. You can even dial into the conference video stream via telephone if you’re stuck in traffic, or working remotely without Wi-Fi.

Additionally, our TLS Exhibits App streamlines trial support and depositions by allowing you to manage your exhibits electronically. You can upload exhibits onto a secure, cloud-based server, highlight and annotate them, and then share throughout the deposition.

Advantages include:

  • Cost-savings – Our technology eliminates the need for travel and associated expenses.
  • Time Savings – Increase productivity by focusing your time on building cases rather than travel preparation.
  • Flexibility – Accessible through a variety of devices, both TLS Video Link and TLS’s Exhibits App give you the flexibility to use from any location worldwide.
  • Ease of Use – Logging into TLS Video Link as a participant is as easy as clicking on a link. No need to download or install software, and no more searching for a PIN or user ID. Our TLS Exhibits App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or through a Web App, and used on any desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with an internet connection.
  • Security – Both TLS Video Link and TLS’s Exhibits App deliver information through a secure, enterprise-grade cloud deployment. With Firewall/NAT traversal and encrypted meetings, even in a multi-vendor environment you can meet with privacy and confidence.
  • Technical Assistance – Our technical support team is available 24/7 via phone and email to troubleshoot and ensure usage runs smoothly.
  • Recording – TLS Video Link allows each video conference call to be streamed and recorded in real time. This eliminates the need for a videographer, further saving you money.


TLS Trial Support Group

The TLS Trial Support Group uses state-of-the-art presentation software and hardware to assist with the preparation, creation, and modification of exhibits, transcripts, and video for trial use. We organize your exhibit and transcript database for streamlined recall of key documents and testimony as needed.

Our team of Trial Consultants support attorneys and legal staff with the development and coordination of key elements. By gathering trial documents, video clips, and demonstrative evidence, we ensure all content is in the proper location for ease of use, search, and retrieval. Witness and expert video clips can also be used for various pretrial motions, including witness impeachment. TLS’s support team will work closely with expert witnesses and outside vendors to produce high quality exhibits to fit your requests.

The TLS Trial Support Group also consults with paralegals, attorneys, and expert witnesses to help them understand which presentation techniques are most effective at trial. Throughout your trial, we provide complete technical support for presentation systems and technology. Our “hot seat” operators provide a second set of eyes and often offer a new and objective perspective to the legal teams during trial.


Presentation Design

Whether you are drafting a complaint or preparing for trial, we create visual presentations that make your evidence more accessible, persuasive, and memorable. Our highly experienced litigation consultants give options and ideas to advance your case.


Technology and Services

Interactive Realtime

Whether on-site or remote, or via text or video, Interactive Real-Time enables attorneys to connect directly to the reporter for a live view of the transcript as it is being written. Remote capabilities facilitate secure connections to a remote machine. Video can be streamed in sync with text.

On-Demand Conference Rooms

In addition to our 85+ global offices, we have a network of professional conference room facilities available to you with minimal notice.

Video / Transcript Synchronization

By delivering in video format, deposition footage is linked to the written transcript, allowing you to easily match words to video. The media we deliver is bundled and permits you to select the file types compatible with your firm’s preferred software.

Hosting and Delivery

Immediate Rough Draft Delivery

Standard delivery time for an initial rough draft transcript is within 2-3 hours of the deposition’s end.

Expedited Delivery

Expedited options are available upon request, which can include next-day or same-day delivery.

Email Delivery

Users will receive electronic deliveries of files in advance of hard copy delivery. You may also participate in TLS’s environmental responsibility program by opting to take delivery of your transcripts in electronic format only.

Secure Online Repository

TransPerfect Interactive is our SSAE 16 Type II certified, cloud-based online repository where we host all exhibits and transcripts for your use. This platform gives you 24/7/365 access to view, download, and print documents as you need them.

Interpretation and Language Support

TLS maintains the world’s most stringently qualified network of interpreters with extensive experience in depositions, trial testimony, and other legal proceedings.  With interpreters available in over 170 languages, both in-person and remotely, TLS can help you meet any multilingual requirement for your case.

Commitment to Service

Local, National, and International Support

Our network of court reporters, stenographers, videographers, and professional account management staff covers all 50 U.S. states and 100+ countries globally. TLS has offices in over 85 cities worldwide and maintains an unmatched network of deposition support professionals worldwide.

24/7/365 Access and Availability

TLS case managers and litigation support staff are available all day, every day, to ensure that your needs are met. Whether you have a minor question about an engagement or service or you need to schedule multiple depositions with very little notice, we’re here and ready to help.