TransPerfect to Bring More Jobs to Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Times

The Costa Rica Times - May 4, 2017

TransPerfect is to open a contact center here in Costa Rica, where it will hire 120 people. 

The Center will be next to the City Mall in Alajuela. This arrival marks a high level of English in the country. 

The company looks forward to growing its network of service centers and serving new potential customers in Central America and beyond. 

About 20 people will be hired each month. To apply, go to

New employees will receive a full training to service the company’s international portfolio. Competitive salaries and benefits are offered. 

Those with the ability to easily move between English and Spanish are preferred. 

TransPerfect sees Costa Rica as a vibrant place with great talent, infrastructure and stability that is needed to provide complex and sophisticated global services. The level of English also makes the country a strategic partner.