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When you need expert resources that understand the stringent regulations governing legal translation, enlist linguists who are native-level speakers with proven expertise in legal-specific subject areas for each and every project. From technical patent translation for foreign filings to localization of training courses, privacy policies, and contracts for compliance, TransPerfect Legal Solutions (TLS) supports all of your translation needs in over 170 languages.


TLS provides translation services—such as large-scale multilingual and English document reviews—backed by our certified quality management system and worldwide 24/7 production capabilities.


Our legal interpreters are available for depositions, client meetings, client presentations, expert witness preparation, and much more. TLS can provide on-site coordination and interpreting equipment.


TLS maintains a global network of experienced court reporters and transcriptionists to provide legal support for your courtroom hearings, arbitrations, and meetings—anywhere in the world. With an online scheduling portal and account representatives available around the clock, TLS ensures that you can book transcription services at any time.



MT solutions can be efficient and cost-effective for high-volume and quick turnaround projects. Our linguistic experts will employ the ideal combination of machine translation, translation memory, and human translation/review. Our proprietary MT solutions integrate with TLS's e-discovery management tool, Digital Reef, as well as Relativity and other hosting platforms. The machine translation process can be customized with the ideal combination of terminology glossaries, translation memory technology, optical character recognition (OCR), and post-translation proofreading by human linguists.


Advanced technology converts image-based and paper documents into editable, digital characters. Results are directly imported into your hosting platform. We can convert high volumes of hard-copy documents into machine-readable text and process them in conjunction with live data files to help you pinpoint where to spend your translation dollars most effectively. Taking into account quality and complexity as well as the end use, we will provide you with a Source Material Analysis report proposing the best-fit solution for your project. With this report, your organization has the opportunity to verify—before the process begins—that the strategy and file formats will suit your needs and fit within your discovery systems or other database-backed applications.


Our proprietary, web-based application enables corporate legal departments to securely file, exchange, host, and share documents in a protected environment. The platform enables you to file, exchange, and present documents conveniently and confidentially. Mitigate the risk of cyber attacks using your customized and completely secure repository. File and serve your documents knowing content will only be accessed when released to authorized users for review.


Increase security, reduce costs, and ease coordination of your language services by leveraging TLS for all corporate legal support. Comprehensive solutions coupled with global capabilities allow us to provide accurate translation and efficient delivery of documents. Consolidate and organize workflows with TLS to streamline translation and ensure your data remains protected throughout the entire process.


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In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, expeditious translation and validation of patents can mean a difference amounting to millions of dollars in revenue. Regularly working with many of the world's top law firms as well as the majority of Fortune 500 legal departments, TLS is recognized for our unsurpassed patent translation turnaround times and unparalleled expertise. With over 45,000 patent documents translated, TLS has the knowledge and understanding that only an experienced firm can offer.

Patent translation requires more than just familiarity with a particular language. The TransPerfect Linguist Certification (TLC) Program was designed to ensure that each project is handled by a professional linguist with expertise in the given discipline. TLS provides you with access to thousands of language and subject-area specialists, including linguists with advanced degrees in relevant fields.