Paper Discovery & Production

Delivering the Goods

TLS reprographic centers are specifically designed to handle the intense physical document needs of litigation. With strategic locations in major markets around the world, TLS’s paper discovery and production capabilities include:

  • Document Scanning
  • Copying and Collating
  • Printing (High Volume, Color)
  • Binder Preparation
  • Large Format Documents
  • Trial Demonstratives
Paper Discovery Production

Rapid Turnaround

Rapid Turnaround Translation

TLS teams work around the clock to furnish the fastest turnarounds in the industry. We recognize that project timelines can be very tight and that “business hours” do not always apply. Therefore, we've built our workflow to fit even the most aggressive turnaround times.

Facility Locations

New York, NY - Newark, NJ - Philadelphia, PA
Washington, DC - San Francisco, CA - London


Responsive Logistics and Delivery

Translation Delivery Logistics

Our customer service and account representatives are available for pickup and delivery in all major metropolitan areas where TLS has reprographic centers. Count on our teams arriving in minutes, not hours, of your request.

Quality Control

ISO Quality Control

Speed is meaningless if the quality doesn't meet expectations and requirements. Each TLS reprographics project undergoes an audit by an independent ISO quality evaluation to ensure the appropriate level of quality.

View our ISO certifications HERE.